How to Activate Mastercard Gift Card – Activation & Registration

by Malvin Luis | Last Updated: February 17, 2020

If you have planned to buy yourself a new Mastercard Gift Card this season, don’t wait further. If you have already chosen a Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card for your loved ones, go for it. In this write-up dedicated to Mastercard users, we bring you some handy tips related to How to Activate Mastercard Gift Card, Complete Activation and Register methods and different gift cards types they can pick for their friends and families.

Activate Mastercard Gift Card

While the traditional gift cards are just limited for use at a specific retailer, the Mastercard/Maestro Gift Cards give you full advantage of shopping and purchases anywhere. By this we mean, you have an opportunity to use them over the internet and at the store (which are in millions and are located worldwide).

Most of the Activate Mastercard Gift Card are available readily and can be loaded with money only once. This gives non-account holders a chance to shop and purchase using their Maestro and Walmart Mastercard without any prior authorisation during a purchase they make.

Activate Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card

activate mastercard gift card

Before you purchase your favorite Prepaid Activate Mastercard Gift Card you should be familiar with how it works.

How to Activate Mastercard Gift Card

mastercard gift card register

Once you purchase a Prepaid Gift Card, you need to get it activated using either of the following two methods.

Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card Activation Online.

Activate Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card via SMS

Note: If your card is built with an embedded chip, kindly, send only your 16-digit card number. You shall receive an SMS for confirmation of successful card activation. Be advised to note carefully the four-digit number code (PIN) selected by you, which must not be disclosed to third parties. This PIN code is required while you pay with your Activate Mastercard Gift Card

Reser forgot Mastercard Gift Card PIN Code?

Mastercard Gift Card Registration

Mastercard Gift Card Activation

FAQs: Master Card Prepaid Gift Card Activation and Register Online   

Q: Having problems Activation

A: Users can use any of the following browsers to access

Q: Where can I order a Mastercard Gift card?

A: Mastercard Prepaid Gift Cards are available at the bank branches and retail locations including online and can also be ordered via phone. These Vanilla cards are available in different styles, colors, and designs, further customized with cardholder’s name and a personal message for Activate Mastercard Gift Card.

Q: I just received my Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card. Is it necessary to activate or register my card before using it?

A: Yes, you need to look for necessary instructions at the back of the card’s packaging. Call the Customer Service mentioned at the back of the card for more details. However, for online purchase or phone purchase, you need to register with the card issuer.

Q: How to use and Activate Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card?

A: Hand it to the cashier when you make the purchase and swipe your card if asked. The amount of purchase will be deducted from the card balance for Activate Mastercard Gift Card.

Q: Where do use my Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card?

A: Anywhere and any place that accepts Debit Mastercard including online media, orders via phone, etc. round the clock and around the globe Activate Mastercard Gift Card.

Q: How long can I use my Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card?

A:  As long as your prepaid gift card has money on it or the card is valid.

Q:  What happens if I need to return an item purchased using my Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card?

A:  When making a return, you may be asked to show the card that was used to make the purchase. The value of the returned merchandise will be credited back to your card.

Q: What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

A: You need to contact the issuer of the card immediately to report a lost or stolen card. Note the customer service number given at the back of the card.

Q: How do I get my Mastercard prepaid card balance?

A: By following the instructions sent to you along with your card. You can get further information by either visiting the issuer’s website or calling the number specified at the back of the card.

Q: Mastercard Gift Card Activation?

A: If your question is not listed here, You can always contact the Mastercard Assistance Center either toll-free at 1-800-627-8372 or collect at 1-636-722-7111Click here to submit your question How to Activate Mastercard Gift Card.

Note:  For Mastercard Gift Card Activation Benefit inquiries in the U.S.A, Please Call Mastercard (1.800.627.8372).

For inquiries outside the U.S.A, please reach out to Mastercard Global Emergency Services.