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by Malvin Luis | Last Updated: August 20, 2019

So, with Brexit being introduced lately, all eyes are glued to what Bill Bonner has to say about Crashing Banks. And for those who still are unfamiliar with the name, here is to help them. The Founder of, Bill Bonner is one of those economists who predicted some of the world-changing events that have rather affected or are about to hit the world economically or socially. Following is the transcription based and stated in Bill Boner Video Crashing Banks Review.

Crashing Banks

About Bill Bonner Newsletter:

Founder of teamed up with 35 major analysts including Former Head of the BBC, and an Oxford Scholar. The team me to action and laid more focus on Research, Expose, and Predict Major World Shifts. Bill is the owner of America’s largest network of independent news and research publishers – with publications reaching more than 2 million paid subscribers.


crashing banks

With all the predictions made so close and accurate, the private underground research network has been followed and targeted or approached by multiple government organisations including FBI. By now this research team has now reached over 2.4 million subscribers on banks crashing.

So, what we tried to find out about this fiscal scenario that is yet to cause a ruckus amongst several economies. According to the team of intellects and economists, there are speculations and predictions made by Bill Bonner and the team.

New Law Cracks Down on Right to Use Cash after the 2008 banking crisis: U.S. government is trying to restrict your access to cash. But not for the reason you think. According to leaked evidence, it’s much, much worse. Watch the video above to find out more. Here is some more light on what Bill Said in His interview in 2015 about major bank stocks.

Banking crisis 2008 (crashing banks)

Banking crisis 2008

Interview By: Merryn Somerset Webb (Editor in Chief, Money Week): With advice to citizens and investors, she replied to the question put by Merryn from Money week, he had this to say about how is one supposed to invest? In the case of deflation and disinflation? There is going to be a run on cash in the United States, not the electronic chips, the real paper money. In a deflationary credit collapse, the credit stops. People want cash but the credit won’t be worth anything because their banks will be bankrupt everybody what is

Everybody will doubt that their credit card is any good because, the gasoline station will ask cash only, and nobody got cash since the cash is being replaced by credit. He also advises people to be ready with a backup plan and needs to have saved the tangible money for the rainy days about to come because when the Credit Crisis hits, there will be a desperate need of cash and the government will supply the cash that citizens desperately need. But that won’t happen overnight obviously same as bank collapse 2008. How to Pay Medical Bills Online: Mymedicalme  |   Mymedicalpayments

With a funny gesture he also metaphorically said that Bad Money drives Good Money. The cash has driven out gold and credit has driven out cash. And you go ask any anybody if they got any cash in their wallets, expect a few dollars there is nothing since they rely too much on credit and provide the crashing videoPeryourhealth

Next move people will make is to go to the ATM machine and they will dry out as ATM machines will also be cashless because someone else has already hoarded it. So the velocity of money has declined and also it is good practice to hold cheap stocks like there are in Greece and Russia. Because expensive equities tend to go down in price and inexpensive equities go up in price. Though this isn’t either going to happen any time soon. Generally, you are better off over the long run holding a Balanced Portfolio of Mostly Cheap stocks, which Merryn quoted as a “Sound Advice”. Epayitonline

Crashing Bank Review 2019

Crashing Bank Review 2019

Bill Bonner on investing in Real Estate and why united states banking crisis

In his words, the Real Estate is a lot of work, which depends mainly on where you are. It is very local and is very particular. According to Bill, London is a better option. Meanwhile, in the USA, there are still a handful of deals where one can get a decent return on their money. The financial markets including real estate markets are stiff which tend to be quick moving. Insuranceservicenow

He clearly declined to invest in the Bond Market and recommends people the same. As bonds depend upon the people who pay their interests and in a real credit crisis, everybody starts to look across the street whether the person who owes you money actually has the money and then doubts creep in and the people, the institutions who are supposed to be paying interests, fail their defaults, and many other things that are going to happen which are not worth the risk. A bit of personal advice is to stay away from the Bond Market and Crashing Banks Review Quickpayportal.

Bill Bonner on How to Deal with Global Financial Situation, if he ruled the world.

It would be really simple to sort it out by itself, by determining good assets from bad assets and Good credit from bad credit, and only markets are capable of doing that. They never know but they always discover what things are worth. Right now, we have markets all over the world, which are now distorted by all these crazy things that central banks are doing lending money at zero, there is no market that can survive and the question raised is why are bank stocks falling. So, I’d abolish the Central banks, and I’d abolish, and other practices relatable such as bitcoin. But, that is not up to me to decide.

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