Review: Merrick Bank Double Your Line Credit Card

by Malvin Luis | Last Updated: February 16, 2020

Merrick Bank is one of the top twenty Credit card issuers in the United States and serves nearly 2 Million satisfied customers. This article brings about the latest doubleyourline card reviews based on the card types provided by Merrick Bank As of now, check reviews the bank holds a record of serving over 2.5 million customers with an extended credit of over $5.3 billion.

What is doubleyourline


With the bank specialized in assisting people with bad credit, besides offering Certificates of Deposits, Recreational Lendings, and Merchant Services, the bank also provides Credit card services. These cards are of two types, Platinum Visa and secured Visa. You can avail of the rest of the services anywhere in the United States.

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Credit Card Review

Free FICO Monthly Score: goScore is a complimentary benefit available online to all the Merrick bank Customers. With goScore, you can get your updated FICO Score for free every month when it is provided from the credit bureau to the bank. Check American Express Credit Card Now

Zero Liability for Unauthorised Use: You can access your online account by using the Free cardholder Center. You can access your account through App, laptop, or tablet at any time.

Flexible Payment Options: The timely your payment the better is your credit score. You are provided with multiple choices of payment options according to whichever is convenient to you either check, online, or phone.

Automatic Credit Line Review: where your account gets reviewed for credit line increases.

Account Alerts: You can easily set up your Account Alerts through goMobile App to be notified about the changes in your account.

Paperless payment Option: Go eco-friendly as the online statements are clutter-free. Top Hackintosh Laptops – Merrick Bank Credit Card Reviews

The good of doubleyourline credit card is verified by visa legit:

Double Your Line Merrick Credit Card: Reviews

Merrick Bank Secured Visa Card doesn’t offer much to hold your attention. But that does not mean it is a wrong choice for use. Considering your lousy credit history, you can still get a hold of this secured card with a little extra cost compared to moderate and cheap card issuers and reviews.

If there are some bads, there is something god too. Remember the $200 minimum activation deposit extensible up to $3000 at Reviews.

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Credit Card

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Credit Card

Don’t be hasty and always conduct a comparative search to make sure which one is a suited option for you. If you can refrain from making foreign purchases, you can save the additional fee and make good use of the card. For many people, bad credit is their primary concern that makes Merrick Bank Credit Card good take over other famous card issuers for doubleyourline pre approval.

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Credit Card- What Customers Say

“For years I used cash only and had no credit. I was fortunate to find Merrick Bank almost a decade ago. They have consistently served my needs while building my credit. I would highly recommend them to anyone.” :- Paula N, Lawton OK.

“I am very happy in my dealings with Merrick Bank. I am in the process of rebuilding my credit & they took a chance on me. What they said they would do, they have and I have had no problems with them at all. I was scared to deal with any credit card people but I am glad I decided on Merrick.” :- Jeanne I. (Exmore, VA)

Apply here for your Merrick Bank Credit Card or Merrick

You can build or rebuild your credit through Merrick Bank Doubleyourline Credit Card to work towards a positive credit history with all three major credit bureaus. Your account gets regularly reviewed once you are an activated card user and Merrick bank visa login the detail will be available online.

How to Get preapproval

Use your Acceptance Certificate Number, Your Last Name (Same as appearing on the offer letter), and Email Address to apply at Merrick and pre-approval.