How to go anonymous using TOR? Complete Guide

by Malvin Luis | Last Updated: July 20, 2019

It’s been a long time since Navy funded TOR and a couple of graduates from MIT built TOR. It was nothing but a wild experiment to grant anonymity to anyone over the internet. Nowadays, TOR is used by millions of users and an open-source these days used for various purposes. The project has been fixed and used to provide cloak of anonymity while accessing the deep web without requiring any technical chops. It is even more versatile, stronger and faster than ever before.

How Anonymity is achieved using TOR?

TOR helps in protecting your online identity which is also known as your IP address. Whenever a device is connected to online then a random IP address is assigned to it that provides uniqueness to the connection and used to track the user. The Onion Router helps in encrypting the traffic in different layers and bouncing it through the chain of computers around the world and therefore the data that you browse or access bounces through another computer which makes it very difficult for anyone to trace your connection from destination to source.

How to download TOR?

How to Download Tor Browser

The download version of TOR is available on the freeware website. It is the modified version of Firefox which also provides a bunch of other software that can be used to connect to the TOR network. Once you have completed installer download for TOR, you have the option of installation of software or you can check the installation files GPG signature at the start. Few people like to check the version of the browser and which file they have downloaded with the version so as to ensure that nothing has tampered with the installation. However, checking the GPG signature is not a painless process and also needed to install the software apart from the normal one.

How to install TOR?

Installation of TOR browser is the next step once you have completed the checks of GPG signature. The first step to the installation is to choose the installation directory where you want to keep all the required TOR files. You can also install the TOR browser using a USB stick. For windows, you have the option of exe file and this is quite similar to installing any other program. The main difference is that it doesn’t provide any default installation location compared to the other programs. Instead, you need to provide the destination location.

TOR is portable software and doesn’t require much-complicated system integration like most other programs or software do. This means you can run TOR from anywhere like documents folders, USB or desktop.

Once you have provided the desired installation location, just enter install and then rest of the installation will be carried out automatically. TOR has also announced an update service which lets you anonymize and hide not just the individuals but also servers which allows you to access dark web sites and other sites without being physically tracked to a local system.

Web Browsing using TOR

The most basic usage of TOR is to run for web browsing. It also has different applications and it routes all the traffic over the TOR network so the browsing is completely incognito mode and therefore the sites that you visit can’t be traced and your IP address is completely anonymous.

Anti-Censorship with TOR

Apart from making government or any other targeted surveillance more difficult, the TOR browser also functions as a powerful anti-censorship tool for most people living in countries like China and Iran as it hides the direct connectivity from the major domains such as Twitter, Facebook and Google which most of the oppressive countries have blocked.

Privacy in TOR

Be aware that final computer routing must go through three hopping system which is also known as exit node and can result into your activity as you are able to connect to the website. Many privacy experts have also warned about intelligence services, malicious hackers and law enforcement agencies running into the surveillance of TOR and it is important for the users to ensure protected websites are only accessed through the onion router. Some of the popular websites that can be started to run through TOR is Facebook, Pro Publica and other popular deep web and dark web websites.


It is easier to route web browser over TOR but instant messaging is yet another program which is used through TOR and this is also known as TOR messenger which allows you to combine TOR with chat protocols such as Google Talk, protocol jabber and IRC. This means that your connectivity server can connect over TOR and all messaging systems work accordingly.

The Last Words for How to download TOR?

TOR is available for various purposes and anonymity is done through TOR using different ways and the usage of TOR is not just limited to certain products but it is also used for other specific purposes such as messaging and security.