WD Elements Vs My Passport 2020 Which one is better and why?

by Malvin Luis | Last Updated: February 12, 2020

Transfer Speed is what on-demand these days. This is what you expect from a Hard Disk Drive you put your money into. Western Digital one of the leading companies in manufacturing Portable hard drives. But, customers still have a hard time to choose between their varying HDD types and versions. Here is what we found out about WD Elements Vs My Passport for 1tb, 2tb, 4tb.

WD Elements Vs My Passport

wd elements vs my passport

There is no chance to resize the data, because, each day, it keeps mounting and so does your memory requirements. This is the reason why you need a fast, efficient, and compatible storage media to handle this mountainous data.

There are two new HDD designed by Western Elements on our watch. ED Elements and WD My Passport. Here are some things you should care about to look at while making a comparison between these two. Also, it is your money, so the apparent reason would be to invest it in a suitable product. Grab Now Best Hackintosh Laptop in Reasonable Price Check Here.

Western Digital Elements vs My Passport

Both the WD Elements and My Passport have their variants, features, and built-in updates to serve your storage needs. It is up to you which one suits you the most. Some stats are presented below to help you figure out. There are certain different features you’d need from your external hard drive. This entirely depends on your kind of work, whether you are a home user, Tech-professional, or a photographer.

These are some essential to know differences that save your money and precious time when you browse for a perfect solution for your data backup. Western Digital is the Brand that nobody needs an introduction to, you might need to be known to their most extensive range of Hard Disk Drives. The following are some differences picked up for you to let you decide which one is the best shot for you, WD Elements or My Passport. Vonage Business Login Get Now

WD Elements vs My Passport Dat Storage Capacity             

WD Elements Vs My Passport Dimensions

WD Elements & My Passport Speed

WD Elements Vs My Passport Software/Firmware Support

WD Elements and My Passport Difference Warranty

While purchasing, warranty is one of the concerning things you should dig more into.

WD Elements Vs My Passport Pricing

Pricing WD Elements is arranged as per its size variants:

Pricing range for WD My Passport is listed here:

Note: Further prices may change depending on the color variant.

WD Elements vs My Passport key Differences:

WD Elements vs My Passport key Differences:


elements vs my passport Conclusion:

It is yet a tricky question to answer though which one outperforms the other. Both WD Elements and My Passport offer you something unique in their own ways. Design, color, interoperability, connectivity, and security. Warranty is a bit of a landmark reason why one should go for WD Elements. As far as the user’s concern, My Passport offers you security against both, data loss and hardware glitches. Consider these points to figure out which one model is a value for money, WD Elements or My Passport.