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by Malvin Luis | Last Updated: February 1, 2020

Despite making efforts and trying saving your time in Hospital is quite a cumbersome task to patients and their attendants. However early you leave to queue up for Bill Payments, the outcome is still the same. Whether you leave from work 2 hours or even at the last minute.

Now, here is to sort you out of this shambles. is an easy or probably the easiest way to rid yourself out of the time-consuming practice. Just a few clicks and there you go, payment’s done by using

Mymedicalpayments: Pay Online Medical Bills


Private and Government Medical Institutions are now drawn to easing the ways to accept patients’ Medical bills. How easier would it be to solve the trouble of paying it all from a remote location, hence diminishing any possibility of human errors or inconvenience? Let us see what services can be availed from and how patients can feel at home without any fuss.

Patients can be able to Make Secure Payments, Review their Account Balance Reddit, and can even update their Billing Address, along with printing their billing statements.

What is Mymedicalpayments and how good it is?

Mymedicalpayments is a third party payment portal developed by Reimbursement Technologies Inc. (RTI), an Envision Healthcare Company based in Philadelphia, United States, that acts as a platform between patients and Medical Service providers when it comes to handling medical billing and maintaining their record. An upside of this portal is there will be a compulsion for a patient to create a User account.

Payment is obviously done via an electronic mode through a dedicated and secure channel. Therefore, zero risks for any suspicious or sneaky happening. This portal can be accessed within US domain and from any state, patients can entertain this free facility any time at

Mymedicalpayments Login

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FAQs About is Fake or Real

Q: What if I am not insured for

A: Call right away for assistance on such matters, on 1-800-355-24-70 or send an email. Wait for the response on the same.

Q: Why am I charged Mymedicalpayment differently with two different invoices?

A: In some cases, medical service provider and doctors may charge you separately. This is because of medical treatment bills and the visiting fee may be different there.

Q: How do I get in touch with Mymedicalpayment at your office?

A: Customers can call directly on the toll-free number from Monday through Friday from 9:30 Hours to 16:00 Hours 18003552470 or email the support team at billing

For more doubts, check out the list of FAQ here.